Panic Hardware

Here at Locks and Security we have been designing and installing panic hardware systems for many years. We have built up the knowledge needed to keep you and your staff safe in the event of a fire by keeping up to date on current regulations and technology.

We can supply and install a range of systems from integrated concealed bars to high end Mico Tindall high security panic bars. We stock a huge range of products in our store meaning when there’s a failure we can be on-site and have you up and running day and night.

When it comes to repairs and maintenance we have worked with almost every make and set up and we carry spares that aren’t available on the open market which means we can usually keep your old systems up and running where others would need to replace everything. This not only saves you money it ensures you stick with what is documented saving you hassle with building control.

We have worked on some of the most prominent high street stores and restaurants as well as high risk office blocks. This has allowed us to build up a knowledge of what works where.

24/7 Coverage

We have a 24/7 helpline for all our account customers that can be linked to your internal systems to ensure effortless continuity for any job that's outsourced to us. We have the same cover at 2am as we do at 2pm meaning we will be on-site in as little as an hour.

Our lines are manned by our engineers on a rota system, we do this to ensure whoever takes the call sends the right person. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors as we have a 100% repair or secure record. Some customers have decided to go a step further to take the strain off their staff. They have their out of hours lines patched straight through to us. Every morning they receive a report listing any issues that came up overnight and as all potential costs are pre-agreed, we can take care of out of hours issues without disturbing anyone. This is a part of our business that we really do believe sets us apart from our competitors. We never miss jobs, we are always on time and we always get the issue fixed or your premises secured.

Nationwide Coverage

We have engineers up and down the UK. This allows us to offer our clients unrivalled round the clock coverage. We have such good coverage that we often cover for our competitors when they can't get to one of their jobs.

We are based in Yorkshire but have engineers in every corner of the country. We have over 150 engineer's available day and night meaning our team can cover any job at any time in any place saving you the headache of calling round trying to get your jobs covered.

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24/7 Coverage

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